SPM is around the corner

January 08, 2016

Hello babe assalamualaikum , lol seriously i never remember that i have a blog . lol i was stop writing since after i has an exam on candidate pt3 . so today im seventeen years old and this year is my determinant for my future life either cerah or gelap lol . so i must be study hard af gila rushing everyday do homework , teacher non stop siot give an homework . especially subject killer like addmath account etc zz. memang paksa aku be struggle so much . sometime i feel so headache and very tension lol , i dont have a time to get a release tension . ni baru bulan januari dah kena rushing semua benda . when spm is around a corner lagi lah so much deym struggle hard and very crazy difficult . but its okay i will accept it because i have to accept lol. insha Allah after what all i do this , i'll get the best result for spm and showing my result that i can do and i was attempted all day before coming on the day of spm . insha-Allah ! sometime i was wondering if la i get a bad result , so much bad faging result , i'm very worry about my mother . she will be upset and very disappointed because have a daughter like me lol . hm that's what thing i was very scared . but ada pulak haram jadah things ttbe effect at my feel right now , be a pengacau for me consenterate for spm lol . that haram jadah things is a crush . i fucking don't know why la every year i must be a annoy girl because of a boy ? lol what is the heck is this . but i'm not too much desperate and not so much hope and this time is not time for me fall in love or etc. so i must move on to be a success girl and get a brightest future hehehe. whoa i'm just forgot that after i was gettin in new school , i got the fucking best friend ever i had . lemme introduce them also u can know them either its you tengah reading ke lol . firstly syavira , she is the one person being my friend la 'mixed' cina . second , syuhaida lol she have a sweetieblack skin and lovely MEGAT HAHAHAH. third, aida , you want know tak ? she is the shortest girl among my friend agagagagaga, but im not sarcastic her too much because aku tengah sedar diri ni em . forth , siti tenunan , a girl with spectacle and shortie sweet and have a baby skin . well honest i'm just jealous AHA. lastly farhana , whoa did you know who is this ? seriously you don't know ? the hottest girl in WeChat application ? but the saddest thing is this year is our last meet for be happy , solve our problem together and everything be last on this year . i hope after we GET OUT from secondary school , you guys promise me that you will never forget this one person with her name is mel hhehehehehee , even though aku baru je kenal each other but i'm feel that seriously like since i was form one lol . hm i hope we can never be apart and never forget each other . bye bye . last last, for my crush . 'HEY CRUSH GET YOUR BUTS HELL ON PLEASE , YOU JUST DISTURBING ME' hehehe .

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